So what even is a Qvevi?

Qvevri are a Georgian style of amphora that have been used for wine fermentation and aging for 8000 years. They look like a human sized wasp nest made of clay, and they make amazing wines. Unlike other styles of amphora, they have no handles and are usually buried underground or held in stands. 

How do I make wine in a Qvevri?

Grapes are pressed, then everything goes in! Juice, skins, pips and stalks go in, the top is sealed, and nature takes it's course. Juice ferments for roughly 5-6 months before being decanted and bottled. It's one...



La Fabrique St George is a small wine company located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC. We specialize in Qvevri sales and distribution in North America, and love the products that come out of them. 

Brick and mortar location coming 2019. 

Who we are

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