gewurztraminer, riesling, pinot gris, made by scout.  

lightly effervescent, rich, complex, 

candied orange, blue cheese, honey  


glass  14  |  bottle to stay  54  |  bottle for home  32


pinot noir, made by mt. boucherie. 

fun & fresh, peach, strawberry, elderflower, dry 


glass  12  |  bottle to stay  50 

RED 1           

merlot, cabernet sauvignon, made by scout. served chilled, 

black currant, black cherry, juicy, refreshing


glass  12  |  bottle to stay  50  |  bottle for home  30

RED 2         

cabernet merlot, 2017. okanagan blend made by mt. boucherie. 

plum, blackberries, lavender, mocha, soft tannins, spicy finish 


glass  11  |  bottle to stay  48  




Our food is available market style, please feel free to fill up a basket with your chosen items and visit us at the counter. We provide cutting boards, cutlery, Janaki Larsen ceramics and everything you need to enjoy a picnic at your table. Our offerings change seasonally, and may vary day to day.



Arancia Piccolo wide & short, coarse, mild sweetness, pork, flavoured with orange  8

Cacciatore Walnut italian hunter style, mild, pork, walnut pieces   12

Calabrese  southern italian style, hot calabrian chili, pork, rustic  11

Finocchinoa  rustic tuscan style, pork, fennel,  small  8  |  large  15

Tartuffo  coarse ground, pork, fresh black & white summer truffle  21

Fuet  catalan style, thin, mild, rustic, pork  13

Chorizo  latin classic, wide & short, coarse & dense, offered in dolce (sweet) & picante (spicy) 8

Vito Chorizo  u-shaped, firm, mild chorizo  12

Petit Rond  u-shaped, rich, mild, pork  12

Matador  south american style, pork, packs a bit more punch than a classic chorizo. 

offered in 2 flavours:   spicy  15  |  garlic  14

Bierbeisser  long, thin, german style, pork,  flavoured with beer & spices  5

Saucisson Sec  french classic, air dried, firm, mild, pork  15

Sremska Garlic serbian style, medium firm, pork, garlic,  punchy  14


Fresh Chevre  soft, spreadable, unripened, bright & fresh. offered in 2 flavours:

herb  |  dill & onion  9  |  natural  9

Kabritt  french mountain style, firm & compact, buttery texture, complex, aged 6-12 mo. 18

La Florette  delicate, fresh flavour, bloomed rind  by weight

La Pyramide  ash-ripened, french style, complex, lingering flavour  by weight

St George  semi-firm, mould-ripened, rich, smooth, lingering flavour  by weight

Goaty Cow layered brie, top layer goat brie, bottom layer cow brie  by weight

The Velvet rectangular, salty goat brie, kelowna 13

Heavenly soft mold ripened with no coating, buttery and tastes of white wine  12

COW CHEESE sold by weight

Brie  naturally-ripened, smooth & runny, mushroomy aroma  

Camembert  creamy, smooth, bloomy crust, pronounced truffle taste 

Heidi  medium hard, golden, summer pasture fed milk, similar to a gruyere   

Gouda  natural or cumin. Old-fashioned, farmhouse style, medium firm, slightly sweet

Mt Ida  firm kelowna brie, white wine aged  

Cascadia  firm, rich,  raw milk, nutty & fruity  

French Gruyere  alpine comte style, firm, sharp and nutty, aged 6 mo

Jurassic  washed rind, morbier style, firm, fruity, tangy, ash layered  

Continental Blue  blue veined hard cheese, kelowna  





baked fresh daily at our sister store, le marche st george


PLAIN  3.75  |  ALMOND  4.5  |  CHOCOLATE  4.25



traditional method brut - fitz, chardonnay & pinot noir 2015


sparkling light red - piria, lambrusco di sobara


mimosa - chamdeville, blanc de blancs & oj


     FITZ  15   |   LAMBRUSCO  13  |  MIMOSA  12



now available everyday       

for here or to go, made using crest reserve espresso

oat mylk sub available for  1-       


   ESPRESSO  3  |  AMERICANO  4  |  CAPPUCCINO  5  |  LATTE  6  |  TEA 3


6 oz glass of orange juice, or  sparkling san pellegrino juice - pompelmo or limonata