gewurztraminer, riesling, pinot gris, made by scout.  

lightly effervescent, rich, complex, 

candied orange, blue cheese, honey  


glass  14  |  bottle to stay  54  |  bottle for home  32


pinot noir, made by mt. boucherie. 

fun & fresh, peach, strawberry, elderflower, dry 


glass  12  |  bottle to stay  50 

RED 1           

merlot, cabernet sauvignon, made by scout. served chilled, 

black currant, black cherry, juicy, refreshing


glass  12  |  bottle to stay  50  |  bottle for home  30

RED 2         

cabernet merlot, 2017. okanagan blend made by mt. boucherie. 

plum, blackberries, lavender, mocha, soft tannins, spicy finish 


glass  11  |  bottle to stay  48  





Arancia Piccolo wide & short, coarse, mild sweetness, pork, flavoured with orange  8

Cacciatore Walnut italian hunter style, mild, pork, walnut pieces   11.5

Calabrese  southern italian style, hot calabrian chili, pork, rustic  10.68

Finocchinoa  rustic tuscan style, pork, fennel  14.65

Tartuffo  coarse ground, pork, fresh black & white summer truffle  20.9

Fuet  catalan style, thin, mild, rustic, pork  12.45

Chorizo  latin classic, wide & short, coarse & dense, offered in dolce (sweet) & picante (spicy) 8

Matador  south american style, pork, packs a bit more punch than a classic chorizo. 

offered in 2 flavours:   spicy  14.5  |  garlic  14

Bierbeisser  long, thin, german style, pork,  flavoured with beer & spices  5

Saucisson Sec  french classic, air dried, firm, mild, pork  14.65



Fresh Chevre  soft, spreadable, unripened, bright & fresh. offered in 2 flavours:

herb  10.5  |  sundried tomato  13.5

Goat Cheddar  complex, medium hard, white cheddar made from fresh goat’s milk  11.5

Goat Feta  mediterranean style, crumbly, brined curd cheese  13.95

Kabritt  french mountain style, firm & compact, buttery texture, complex, aged 6-12 mo. 17.95

La Florette  delicate, fresh flavour, bloomed rind  12.95

La Pyramide  ash-ripened, french style, complex, lingering flavour  19

St George  semi-firm, mould-ripened, rich, smooth, lingering flavour  12.95

Goat Gouda  mild, smooth, slightly sweet, nutty, dense. offered in 4 flavours:

peppercorn 14.5  |   rosemary 14.5  |  natural 14.5  |  sundried tomato 13.5



Baby Brie  naturally-ripened, smooth & runny, mushroomy aroma   12.95

Country Morning  welsh style, crumbly, creamy, subtle nutty sharpness   12.5

Camembert  creamy, smooth, bloomy crust, pronounced truffle taste   22.95

Fermière  assertive, sharp, golden, hard, aged min 1 yr   16.95

Castle Blue  rich, creamy, blue-veined, semi-soft, sweet undertone   24

Heidi  medium hard, golden, summer pasture fed milk, similar to a gruyere   16.95

Gouda  natural or cumin. Old-fashioned, farmhouse style, medium firm, slightly sweet   13.5

Fresh Cheese soft, lemony, fresh. offered in 3 flavours:

peppercorn  19  |  spicy garlic truffle  19  |  herb & garlic 19